St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is planning to build a $13.4 million shared resource center at 671 Galloway Ave. in Memphis, Tenn., on the easternmost portion of the hospital campus. The project will be built inside an existing warehouse.

St. Jude currently has 21 shared resources, or core support laboratories, that provide investigators with access to advanced technology. Several current support labs will relocate to the space, while two new labs will be housed in the center. Construction has begun and should be completed by July.

Existing labs that will move into the completed building include:
• the Hartwell center for biotechnology;
• protein production facility;
• preclinical pharmacokinetics shared resource;
• center for proteomics and metabolomics;
• transgenic core;
• laboratory services;
• compound management and analytical chemistry; and
• St. Jude biorepository.