The LiRo Group has announced the acquisition three affiliated companies: DiGiorgio Associates Inc., DAI Inc., and Monitor Builders Inc.

The acquired companies, which specialize in the design (DAI) and construction management (MBI) of healthcare-focused facilities, are headquartered in Boston and share a satellite office in Portland, Maine.

LiRo’s integration with DAI and MBI expands the company’s healthcare and life sciences expertise nationwide with an aim to provide complete construction, engineering, architecture, and technology services to both public and commercial clients.

DAI specializes in both new projects and renovations of hospitals, medical office buildings, outpatient facilities, community health centers, senior assisted living and nursing homes, and laboratories along the East Coast.

John W. Weaver, president, managing principal, and co-founder of DAI, as well as treasurer of MBI, will continue in a senior management role with LiRo. Steve H. Kovacs, MBI president and co-founder, will also continue in a senior management position with LiRo.