The Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation, operated by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, has started construction work on an expansion project in Burkesville, Va.

The facility will feature expanded treatment facilities as well as a 258-bed housing expansion, to include 185,000 square feet of new construction and 50,000 square feet of renovation.

Highlights of the project include a large centralized treatment mall; a park-like garden; treatment (medical, dental, and behavioral health), education, vocational, exercise and leisure activity spaces; and housing expansion for special needs such as medically and psychiatrically complex, intellectually disabled, detainee and detention, and transitional populations.

HDR (architect of record; programming; planning; design; construction documents; and construction-phase services) worked project partners Balfour Beatty, Adtek Engineering, Valley Engineering, GovSolutions, and Stanton Fire Protection.