Nora Lighting’s family of LED Panels offer bright, uniform illumination without glare in public areas in healthcare facilities, such as lobbies, halls, and waiting rooms. The energy-efficient fixtures are available with edge-lit or back-lit LED technology and are offered in in three configurations: 1 foot by 4 feet,  2 feet by 2 feet, and 2 feet by 4 feet. They can be installed in most grid ceilings. Three mounting options are available including surface, recessed into hard ceilings or pendant mounting. Pendant assemblies can be configured to drop the panels up to 8 feet from the mounting surface. Edge-lit panels have an aluminum frame; back-lit have a white frame. Edge-lit panels feature an opalescent lens that produces a luminous glow without glare. Fixtures have a range of wattages, lumens, and Kelvin temperatures.