Guangzhou United Family Hospital, part of the United Family Healthcare (UFH) network, opened in May 2018 with a focus to provide comprehensive healthcare services in southern China that are in line with U.S. medical practice standards. The interior design of the facility, led by M Moser Associates (Shanghai, China), addresses UFH’s vision to integrate Chinese and Western medical practices, bringing world-class healthcare services to patients across Guangzhou, one of China’s most populous cities.

Four key principles—curve, nature, mood, and human scale—were interwoven to create a comfortable healing environment within the 200-bed facility. For example, a three-story-tall stone wall, featuring an engraving of delicate Chinese calligraphy with the message, “Cherishing the peace and health of neighbors and thousands of families,” was installed in the outpatient entrance lobby to help create a tranquil atmosphere while emphasizing the brand’s values and mission.

To maximize daylight and create a sense of calm for patients and families, existing outdoor areas enclosed by building walls (called building patios) were prioritized to be located near corridors, waiting areas, and other public spaces. Materials and woodgrain textures common to household design have been prioritized throughout the space, supported by warm lighting to evoke intimacy and reduce stress.

Each department has been designed to the needs of patients, facilitating the necessary medical procedures. For example, the pediatrics department features a distinctive yellow and green color palette with patterns of animals and fictional characters to encourage playfulness and boost mental well-being. A spacious, accessible, multipurpose area sits at the core of every department, providing a casual setting for small gatherings, meetings, and social events.

Embracing a human-centered approach, the spacious VIP wards have been planned to respect privacy while enabling the accompaniment of family and friends. To enhance the healing process, detailing has been carefully considered throughout, including using panels to cover bedside medical device interfaces.

Project details:

Facility name: Guangzhou United Family Hospital

Location: Guangzhou, China

Completion date: May 2018

Owner: Guangzhou United Family Hospital

Total building area: 703,087 sq. ft.

Total construction cost: N/A

Cost/sq. ft.: N/A

Architecture firm: M Moser Associates

Interior design: M Moser Associates

General contractor and builder: Jiangsu Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Engineering:  M Moser Associates, Guangzhou HAE Co., Ltd.