Northside Hospital Cherokee, located in Canton, Ga., opened its doors to patients May 6, 2017, after 12 years of planning and anticipation.

Due to the growing population, community limitations, and capacity constraints, the new hospital was necessary to meet the growing healthcare needs of Cherokee County and surrounding areas. The replacement facility has more than doubled the square footage of the old hospital and offers all existing services in addition to a dedicated Women’s Center.

Location-inspired design

North Georgia’s economic growth and breathtaking vistas make Cherokee one of the most beautiful places in the state. The county’s natural aesthetics inspired the design of the facility, which pays special homage to Cherokee’s unique landscape, heritage, and community, as well as the cutting-edge technology and exceptional patient care the facility offers.

The facility’s motif uses a deliberate mix of art, architecture and interior design to create a sleek yet familiar atmosphere for patients and their families.

With careful selections of art, paint colors and layout themes, the departments within the hospital were designed with patients and their families firmly in mind, helping to craft the optimal environment for healing.

Mountainous elements such as stacked stone, terrazzo tile and earthen tones intermingle with sleek steel and expansive windows throughout the building.

Themes of valleys, lakes, farmland and other concepts are also represented in separate departments to simplify wayfinding for visitors.

The Women’s Center, for example, uses grays, purples and jewel tones in the furniture and finishes to reflect its ‘mica’ theme—a mineral prevalent in the Cherokee area.

In the emergency, intensive care and surgery departments, cool paint tones conjure a ‘lake’ motif, also providing a soothing atmosphere for patients.

Artwork for hospitals

Coupled with the expansive windows that grace each patient room, the hospital’s placement was specifically oriented so that patients and their families have open views of the Blue Ridge Mountains that etch the North Georgia horizon.

The artwork featured in the hospital reflects themes such as trails, summits, farms and lakes, and was created exclusively by Georgia artists and artisans. The galleria area of the main lobby includes a glass composition comprising hundreds of blown glass elements that visitors can experience from a variety of vantage points as they travel through the corridor.

A rotating art exhibit also features paintings and drawings from Cherokee County grade school students throughout the year.

Through a photography series called “Cherokee, A Place I Love,” Northside Hospital Cherokee staff submitted their favorite local landmarks. Photos of these places are displayed throughout the facility.

The architects are HDR Inc. and Howell Rusk Dodson and the general contractor is Batson-Cook Construction.

Other partners include Inglett & Stubbs Electrical Construction, Collins Project Management, Clark Patterson Lee, K2J Inc., Batchelor & Kimball Inc., and Art Plumbing Company.


Northside Hospital Cherokee, Project details

Completion date: May 6, 2017

Owner: Northside Hospital Cherokee

Total building area: 700,000 sq. ft.

Total construction cost: $250 million

Cost/sq. ft.: $357

Project Management: Collins Project Management

Architecture: HDR Inc. and Howell Rusk Dodson

Interior design: K2J Inc.

Contracting: Batson-Cook Construction

Electrical: Inglett & Stubbs Electrical Construction

Construction: Batchelor & Kimball Inc

Engineering: Clark Patterson Lee

Structural Engineer: KSi Structural Engineers

Plumbing: Art Plumbing Company