The new $240 million, four-story Orthopaedics & Physical Performance Center aims to be a destination for outpatient care at The Marketplace Mall in Henrietta, N.Y. It will combine ambulatory surgery and other essential orthopedic services in one easily accessible location to meet the area’s growing demand for musculoskeletal care.

The multiphase project, owned by University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC; Henrietta), is outlined below:

  • The first phase, relocating the orthopedic administrative offices to an adjacent renovated lease space, was completed and occupied in fall 2021.
  • The second phase, the conversion of a former department store to an outpatient surgical center, will be complete in fall 2022.
  • The final phase of a rehab and sports performance center will be completed in spring 2023, and a four-story, 144-bed clinic space will be completed in fall 2023.

The design of the building’s façade will be sinuous, representing the idea of movement and emblematic of the orthopedic care provided. Fostering a feeling of familiarity and accessibility was another goal of the design team as well as providing ease of navigation for patients with painful orthopedic conditions and mobility issues.

URMC’s target of LEED Silver certification includes a photovoltaic system on the roof providing an offset of 25 percent to the on-site electric load with clean energy. Additionally, 74 charging spaces for electric vehicles will be provided.


Project details

Facility name: Orthopaedics & Physical Performance Center

Location: Henrietta, N.Y.

Expected completion date: Fall 2023

Owner: University of Rochester Medical Center

Total building area: 350,000 sq. ft. (210,000 renovation; 140,000 addition)

Total construction cost: $227 million

Cost/sq. ft.: $400/sq. ft.

Architecture firm: SLAM (architect of record), Perkins&Will (project partner and design architect), Dwyer Architectural (local associate architect)

Interior design: SLAM and Perkins&Will

General contractor: Le Chase

Engineering: ME Engineering

Builder: Le Chase