The Harris House Treatment and Recovery Center is a 60,000-square foot, 60-bed facility situated on an 8.3-acre site overlooking the Missouri River in St. Charles, Mo., completed in November 2019.

Operated by St. Louis-based Harris House, a nonprofit foundation providing addiction treatment for over 50 years, the facility serves as an anchor for addiction treatment in the greater St. Louis metro area.

The center houses up to 60 adult patients seeking sobriety from drug and alcohol dependency. Patients in this intensive program receive a 28-day inpatient treatment program inclusive of detox services, group and family counseling, and mental health treatment for co-occurring mental health diagnoses.  Harris House advocates a recovery with responsibility program that empowers clients to take control of their treatment and recovery process.

The Treatment Center is divided into two linear bars joined by an entry lobby and patient services. Second floor semiprivate patient rooms line double-loaded corridors with communal gathering and relaxation spaces interspersed. The first floor houses an administrative wing, group counseling rooms, and food service.

The patient-centered facility was designed to prioritize views of the surrounding landscape and provide ample access to daylight.

Outside, the building is clad in a high-density sustainably sourced garapa wood rainscreen, glass, and stone, chosen to make the institutional facility feel welcoming and nonthreatening. A landscaped courtyard offers patients and staff a tranquil and secure outdoor space for therapy, relaxation, and visitation.

The facility also was designed strategically for future expansion without the interruption of operations and ongoing patient care.


Project details:

Facility name: Harris House Treatment and Recovery Center

Location: St. Charles, Mo.

Completion date: November 2019

Owner: Harris House Foundation

Total building area: 60,000 sq. ft.

Total construction cost: Confidential

Cost/sq. ft.: Confidential

Architecture firm: Arcturis

Interior design: Arcturis

General contractor: Kadean Construction

Engineering: Alper Audi Inc.

Builder: Kadean Construction