The HCD Conference + Expo facility tours offer a chance to highlight some of the latest design ideas and community strategies at work in the host city. This year’s event in New Orleans includes three tours from 1-5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 4.

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Ochsner Medical Complex – Clearview, Metairie, La.

Ochsner Health (New Orleans) partnered with Grace Hebert Curtis Architects (GHC; Baton Rouge, La.) to develop Ochsner Medical Complex – Clearview, a patient-centered, comprehensive health and wellness facility in Metairie, La.

Housed in a former retail department store, the three-level, 202,000-square-foot facility comprises primary and specialty care clinics as well as an outpatient surgical unit with eight operating rooms, drive-thru pharmacy, endoscopy suites, esthetics and wellness center, and 10-bed microhospital.

Patients also have access to dermatology, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, diagnostic imaging, and outpatient infusion services. The facility also includes a comprehensive pain management center, sinus center, physical therapy and wellness gym, and Ochsner’s signature interactive O Bar, which includes a variety of physician recommended products, such as activity monitors, and wireless blood pressure monitors, and features an iPad bar. Patients can get set up with the right equipment to participate in digital medicine programs for diabetes, hypertension, and chemotherapy care companion.

Flexible clinic planning

To operationalize Ochsner Health’s collaborative care approach, the facility was designed around the patient experience with careful consideration paid to department adjacencies and patient/provider circulation routes. Patients do not have to travel to different facilities to receive care and can see multiple specialists in a single visit and single location. For example, a hematology patient could possibly schedule their infusion, physician visit, and blood work on the same day in the same building.

Departments with associated medical care are adjacent to each other to reduce walking distances for both patients and providers. For example, imaging, phlebotomy, and pharmacy are located on the first floor for easy access for patients to use these services before or after their visits. Surgery and pre-post recovery is centralized on the second floor and the third floor offers multidisciplinary clinics with room for future growth.

GHC developed a variety of organizational options including evaluating nurse station, provider station, and exam room adjacencies to maximize staff efficiency and quality of care. Extensive research on various types of clinic pods, along with meetings with departments to gather input on clinic flow needs, ultimately delivered a design that will accomplish both. The clinic pod size was standardize throughout including the shell space on the third floor allowing a clinic to be moved and another to grow as required.

Employing a hospitality aesthetic

The design team developed a high-end hospitality aesthetic that includes access to natural light and a finish palette of terrazzo, tile, and wood-looking metal and vinyl materials to create a relaxing environment for patients during their appointments. These materials blend with Ochsner’s signature blue color and branding elements.

As a finishing touch, artwork from the region is displayed throughout the facility to enhance the overall design while supporting local artists.

Ochsner Medical Complex – Clearview project details

Location: Metairie, La.

Completion: February 2023

Owner: Ochsner Health

Total building area: 202,000 sq. ft. (three floors)

Total construction cost: N/A

Cost/sq. ft.: N/A

Architecture firm: Grace Hebert Curtis Architects LLC

Interior design: Grace Hebert Curtis Architects LLC

General contractor: Broadmoor LLC

Engineering: Duplantis Design Group PC (civil), Morphy, Makofsky Inc. (structural), YKMH Consulting LLC (electrical and mechanical)

Art consulting and procurement: Where y’Art Works