Martha’s Vineyard Hospital in Oak Bluffs, Mass., saw a need to expand its primary care and internal medicine services to meet the needs of its growing island community as well as the influx of seasonal visitors. The solution was to renovate approximately 7,000 square feet in an existing building on campus, previously home to administrative offices, to create a new suite for primary care, medical, behavioral health, and outpatient services.

Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Primary Care Internal Medicine Suite, which opened in February 2020, features 16 new exam rooms clustered at the core of the unit. Two provider team spaces are distributed around the perimeter of the unit, with easy access to the exam rooms.

To establish a new workplace dynamic and care model, doctors and nurses, along with nurse practitioners and their assistants, are now able to work side by side in these team spaces as a result of the renovation. Rather than struggling to bridge the typical remote doctors’ offices and the central nursing and assistants, they now share space in these two large rooms outfitted with acoustically divided cubicles, technology, and storage.

Inspired by the beauty of the coastal New England setting, national architecture and engineering firm, HED (Boston),  incorporated curvilinear shapes, design details, graphics, and a beach-inspired color palette throughout this suite. For example, accent lighting in the patient/family support area has a curvilinear design, while partitions with glazing that feature a dune-grass film, reminiscent of the island environment, are used in the administrative areas to allow daylight to penetrate deeply into the interior of the unit.


Project details:

Facility name: Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Primary Care Internal Medicine Suite

Location: Oak Bluffs, Mass.

Completion date: February 2020

Owner: Martha’s Vineyard Hospital

Total building area: 7,000 sq. ft.

Total construction cost: Undisclosed

Cost/sq. ft.: N/A

Architecture firm: HED

Interior design: HED

Contracting: Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

Engineering: R.W. Sullivan Engineering (HVAC and fire protection engineer); Goldstein Milano LLC  (structural engineer)

Construction: Columbia Construction Company