A new facility at Yale Child Study Center (YCSC) in New Haven, Conn., brings all staff and operations under one roof in a space that supports clinical and research activity for children’s behavioral health.

Previously, patients were treated at multiple locations around New Haven including the Yale School of Medicine, with research being conducted at separate facilities. Now housed in a 55,500-square-foot building that was a former telephone company, YCSC functions as the department of child psychiatry for both Yale-New Haven Hospital and Yale School of Medicine.

The center offers outpatient services on its first floor, family support and patient care on the second floor, and research and administrative offices on the third floor. Research spaces, huddle rooms, and employee amenities that are designed to foster collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas. Staff may use the conference rooms for formal meetings and presentations, or conduct breakout sessions and other kinds of informal meetings in the break room. The third floor is also used by in-home service providers, school outreach program developers, and support groups for parents.

Architecturally integrated artwork, added window openings for daylight and exterior views, and nature themes incorporated into public spaces and wayfinding elements combine to produce a welcoming atmosphere. For example, the main waiting room features a ceiling installation of white curvilinear panels against a blue ceiling that suggests the sky, while a full-height tree “sculpture” made of wood veneer and laminate hides a structural column.

Additionally, an overhead sculpture of a school of fish hangs above the lobby’s main staircase. Wayfinding elements also incorporate a nature theme with rooms named after geographic areas such as the forest.


Project details:

Facility name: Yale Child Study Center

Location: New Haven, Conn.

Completion date: October 2019

Owner: Yale University

Total building area: 55,500 sq. ft.

Total const. cost:  N/A

Cost/sq. ft.: N/A

Architecture firm: Svigals + Partners

Interior design: Svigals + Partners

General contractor: Standard Builders

Engineering: AHA Consulting Engineers

Builder: Standard Builders

Art consultant: Nancy Samotis of Art for Healing Environments