Opened in October 2016, Imbert Cancer Center (Bay Shore, N.Y.) is part of the Northwell Health Cancer Institute, one of the largest cancer programs in the New York metropolitan area. Imbert Cancer Center brings together experienced cancer specialists in surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, chemotherapy treatment and diagnostic and interventional radiology. The new facility builds on the cancer services Northwell Health Cancer Institute has been offering the community for years, including colorectal, gynecologic oncology, thoracic and breast care.

Northwell’s objective was to create a state-of-the-art comprehensive cancer center reinforced by contemporary aesthetics that reflect the community. The primary design inspirations came from the Bay Shore, N.Y., location, a seaside community on Long Island’s south shore. The beautiful beaches and popular sailing boat regatta views created a strong background for the color palette and material use for this project. Aesthetic details also focused on the need to create “living rooms” instead of “waiting rooms,” with hospitality aesthetics that reflect a home environment. Cancer patients actively undergoing treatment can have long treatments and periods of waiting time. The attempt to make the space appear as a home-like environment was central to the vision.

The cancer center is an adaptive reuse project utilizing a former supermarket building. To support this noble cause the design team introduced architectural materials that have high recycled content and significantly contribute to LEED initiatives. In addition, all lighting uses energy efficient LED fixtures with dimming and long life capabilities. The majority of materials are no- or low VOCs.

The lobby welcomes you with a gentle, beach inspired palette of simple architectural materials including porcelain tile, drift wood, solid surface, and paint tastefully combined to re-interpret the shapes of sails, drift wood, and fisherman’s glass floats. The curvilinear bench and concierge desk are reminiscent of the sailboats and incorporate sand stone, solid surface, and drift wood.

The lobby of the center and the other public spaces were designed as an evolving art gallery and comfortable space for community events. The center features a respite garden for patients to look at while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The center offers spaces for support groups, nutritional and genetic counseling and educational activities.

The shapes and the glass material as well as colors of the main lobby light fixtures, infusion area, and radiation oncology areas were inspired by fisherman’s glass floats. A curated artglass flock of birds appears in the lobby as if flying into the main practice suite. Other artglass features includes sea anemones along main patient corridors.

As you enter each of the departments, there are lounge areas that are beach house inspired with soft translucent drapery window treatments, beach-themed artwork, and home-like furnishings with accent pillows, lighting fixtures, nautical accessories made out of recycled glass and mother of pearl, board games and coffee table books. The textural, woven-look carpet adds to the softness and home like appeal of the space.

The greeting desks and infusion area partitions were inspired by sail shapes and the color of the water. The privacy trellises were inspired by marina walkways and the banquette seating is reminiscent of a sailboat interior design.

Renovation Cost (per square foot): $520