Somriures dental clinic in L’Alcudia, Valencia, Spain, closes for one month every summer. In 2017, the facility decided to use that time to renovate its 1,292-square-foot clinic—giving branding and interior design firm Masquespacio (Valencia) a short timeline and limited budget to complete the project.

To make an impact in the tight space, the firm took inspiration from the idea that its client specializes in the art of creating “beautiful smiles.” The result is a statement piece: a 39-foot-long sculpture of a smile comprising 2,884 wooden pieces that were hand assembled on-site. The piece weaves from the clinic entrance to the back of the office, passing through the reception and waiting area and the exam room corridor.

Additional updates include a turquoise painted concrete floor, which adds a pop of color to the predominately white office. Custom furnishings, accented in blue, gold, and brown colors, feature organic shapes to “again remind us of the nature and the form of the smile itself,” says Christophe Penasse, co-founder of Masquespacio.

Project source list:

Design: Masquespacio

Contractor: Grupo Invalcor

Cement floor: Montó

Paint: Montó

Wooden strips: Design: Masquespacio; production: Tableros Bermejo

Furniture: Design by Masquespacio; local production

Carpentry: Design by Masquespacio; local production

Signage: Design by Masquespacio; production: La Icreativa