New healthcare textile products

High-performance fabrics, easy-to-maintain options for panels and upholstery, and renewable and PVC-free styles are among the new textile products that vendors and manufacturers are introducing to support healthcare environments.

Check out some of the latest textile products below.

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Fusion, Nassimi


Nassimi's Fusion

Image credit: Nassimi

Nassimi adds Fusion to its SiO collection of performance-grade silicone fabrics. Fusion is made of a pure form of silicone resin that offers durability, scuffing and scratch resistance; resistance to bleach and cleaners; and a better surface touch. The line comes in 24 colorways, ranging from neutrals to bold hues.

Upholstery Essentials Volume III, Fabricut Contract


Upholstery Essentials Volume III from Fabricut Contract

Image credit: Fabricut Contract

Upholstery Essentials Volume III from Fabricut Contract features 11 new durable, easy-to-maintain performance fabrics that are free of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). The collection’s new offerings include plush chenilles, strié textures, a menswear-inspired distressed herringbone, and a microfiber fabric.

Promessa, Ultrafabrics


Promessa fabric collection by Ultrafabrics

Image credit: Ultrafabrics

Promessa fabric collection by Ultrafabrics includes a pebbled texture and subtle sheen and comes in a range of neutral and deep tones. Promessa is abrasion resistant and bleach cleanable with a blended backcloth made from recycled polyester fibers and responsibly sourced viscose. Each yard of the collection contains 8.3 recycled plastic bottles.

Fractal, Douglass Industries Inc.


Fractal, Douglass Industries Inc.

Image credit: Douglass Industries Inc.

Douglass Industries Inc.‘s Fractal upholstery collection includes Profile, a wind-whipped grass design; Chaplin, a soft chenille coordinate; Ethos, a small-scale grid pattern with a bouclé yarn; Interact, which has a subtle stacked-box effect; and Heirloom (shown), featuring a montage of layered leaves. All patterns include Crypton’s permanent moisture barrier that is PFAS-free.

The Seaqual Collection from Mayer Fabrics


The Seaqual Collection from Mayer Fabrics

Image credit: Mayer Fabrics

The Seaqual Collection from Mayer Fabrics is woven with Seaqual Yarn, a 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester yarn made from upcycled marine plastic. The fabric collection comprises two upholsteries (Denali and Leoni) and two privacy curtains (Serene and Tranquility).

Nebula, Carnegie


Nebula, Carnegie

Image credit: Carnegie

Carnegie introduces Nebula as part of its Full Spectrum Collection of easy-to-maintain fabrics for panels, upholstery, and wallcoverings. Nebula is composed of Xorel and up to 50 percent biobased Xorel, a woven made from rapidly renewable sugarcane. The line is free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), finishes, and PFAS and is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Touch Tone, Luum


Luum’s Touch Tone

Image credit: Luum

Luum’s Touch Tone faux leather upholstery fabric, with a coated polyurethane surface and silicone topcoat technology, features a soft and supple feel. Touch Tone comes in 22 colorways, including grays, blues, browns, and reds, and is
bleach cleanable and stain resistant.

Holmes, Burch


Holmes, Burch

Image credit: Burch

Holmes upholstery fabric by Burch features a tweed look in green, gray, blue, and maroon color options. Holmes features Crypton’s permanent stain treatment with a moisture barrier backing that’s resistant to mildew.

Regal, Posh Textiles


Regal, Posh Textiles

Image credit: Posh Textiles

Posh Textiles introduces Regal, a line of woven velvet upholstery fabrics made from 100 percent polyester. Available in 25 colors, ranging from deep reds to ocean blues, Regal exceeds 100,000 double rubs for abrasion resistance.

Silicone Symphony, Designtex


Silicone Symphony, Designtex

Image credit: Designtex

Designtex’s Silicone Symphony is a high-performance indoor/outdoor fabric collection. The line is available in more than 100 solid colors including yellows, reds, blues, purples, and oranges, and a range of complementary patterns featuring circles, lines, and color blocks.

Natural Attraction, C.F. Stinson


Image credit: C.F. Stinson

C.F. Stinson presents Natural Attraction, a collection of woven and coated upholstery and privacy curtains. The line is inspired by patterns formed in nature such as tree canopies, pebbles, and springtime blossoms. The collection comes in 66 soothing and elegant colorways.

Hopscotch, Concertex


Hopscotch, Concertex

Image credit: Concertex

Hopscotch from Concertex is a digitally printed fabric using Tekloom technology, which combines the aesthetics of a woven textile with the high-performance characteristics of a coated fabric. Hopscotch is impermeable to liquids, bleach cleanable, and exceeds 1 million double rubs. The line includes a multicolor geometric pattern (shown).