This year, 106 architecture/engineering and construction firms working in healthcare took part in Healthcare Design's Corporate Rankings Survey, providing both business results in 2013 and insight on where the healthcare design industry stands today.

Below, please find a list of all architecture/engineering companies that participated in the survey, ranked by 2013 data reported, including gross healthcare billings, completed projects, RFPs received, and contracts signed. To view the rankings of construction firms, go here.

To read a full analysis of the survey results, including signals of business to come and feedback from participants on the biggest threats and opportunities facing the industry, see "2014 HCD Corporate Rankings: Healthcare A/E/C Firms Correcting Course.”

*Denotes international firm


AECOM—$317.4 million

HDR—$238.8 million

HOK—$153 million

HKS Inc.—$130 million

Perkins+Will—$121.4 million

Stantec—$118.1 million

Mekon Arch Consult Ltd.*—$100 million

NBBJ—$90 million

Erdman—$76 million

Perkins Eastman—$69.8 million

HGA Architects and Engineers—$69.1 million

SmithGroupJJR—$66.8 million

Cathryn Bang + Partners Architecture Planning Interiors—$57 million

ZGF Architects LLP—$51 million

Earl Swensson Associates (ESa)—$47.1 million

URS Corp.—$46.4 million

Heery International Inc.—$40.9 million

WHR Architects—$36.7 million

Gresham, Smith and Partners—$36.6 million

EwingCole—$34.5 million

Leo A Daly—$28.6 million

Flad Architects—$27 million

FreemanWhite—$26 million

Page—$25 million

Array Architects— $24.5 million

Ballinger—$22.5 million

FKP Architects Inc.—$21.3 million

CO Architects—$19.4 million

Westlake Reed Leskosky—$18.1 million

Lionakis—$17.9 million

KJWW Engineering Consultants—$17.8 million

BWBR—$17.4 million

VK Studio Architects, Planners & Designers CVBA*—$17.1 million

Davis Partnership Architects—$17.1 million

RBB Architects Inc.—$16.1 million

Lawrence Group—$15.8 million

Francis Cauffman—$15.6 million

Shepley Bulfinch—$15.5 million

AKF Group LLC—$15.3 million

GBBN Architects Inc.—$14.4 million

Tsoi/Kobus & Associates—$13.4 million

Anderson Mikos Architects Ltd.—$13.2 million

TLC Engineering for Architecture—$12.8 million

VOA Associates Inc.—$12.1 million

Taylor—$11.9 million

MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health—$11 million

Syska Hennessy Group—$10.9 million

Exp US Services Inc.—$10.6 million

NK Architects—$10.6 million

Harley Ellis Devereaux—$10 million

Astorino—$9.6 million

CDH Partners Inc.—$8.4 million

Hord Coplan Macht—$7.8 million

HuntonBrady Architects—$7.7 million

Thomas, Miller & Partners PLLC—$7.6 million

Payette—$7.1 million

Sherlock, Smith & Adams—$6.83 million

Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects PC (JJCA)—$6.75 million

Henneman Engineering Inc.—$6.5 million

(tie) IKM Inc.—$6.5 million
(tie) ACP Group—$6.5 million

Eppstein Uhen Architects Inc.—$6.1 million

Plunkett Raysich Architects LLP—$5.93 million

Zimmerman Architectural Studios Inc.—$5.9

McMillan Pazdan Smith—$5.58 million

Linea 5 Inc.—$5.55 million

LS3P—$4.7 million

Blair + Mui Dowd Architects PC—$4.6 million

Moon Mayoras Architects Inc.—$4.4 million

Interface Engineering—$3.9 million

Mahlum Architects—$3.5 million

Cuningham Group Architecture Inc.—$3.4 million

Schneider Halls Design Inc.—$3 million

Strollo Architects Inc.—$2.9 million

(tie) Studio+—$2.5 million
(tie) DLR Group—$2.5 million

RMKM Architecture PC—$2.3 million

Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood—$2.2 million

MSA Planning + Design—$2.1 million

Graef—$2.09 million

Chianis + Anderson Architects PLLC—$1.9 million

Baskervill—$1.8 million

Vintage Archonics Inc.—$1.7 million

Calvin L Hinz Architects—$1.5 million

HAS Mimarlik Ltd.*—$1 million

WDM Architects PA—$772,000

Dalpos Architects—$500,000

H+L Architecture—$485,119

John Marinelli Architects and Planners—$250,000

Koffel Associates Inc.—$184,161

Uniteknix Corp.*—$100,000




Anderson Mikos Architects Ltd.—393

AKF Group LLC—381


KJWW Engineering Consultants—287

Henneman Engineering Inc.—276


TLC Engineering for Architecture—242

Array Architects—205



Interface Engineering—182

CDH Partners Inc.—173

Eppstein Uhen Architects Inc.—172


Exp US Services Inc.—154

VK Studio Architects, Planners & Designers CVBA*—153

(tie) AECOM—150
(tie) EwingCole—150

Perkins Eastman—140

Leo A Daly—135

HGA Architects and Engineers—132





(tie) Gresham, Smith and Partners—89
(tie) Syska Hennessy Group—89

Francis Cauffman—87

GBBN Architects Inc.—85

Chianis + Anderson Architects PLLC—85

Schneider Halls Design Inc.—82

Earl Swensson Associates (ESa)—65

Linea 5 Inc.—65

HKS Inc.—60

(tie) ZGF Architects LLP—60
(tie) IKM Inc.—60

Davis Partnership Architects—58

RBB Architects Inc.—53

(tie) NBBJ—50
(tie) McMillan Pazdan Smith—50

Strollo Architects Inc.—48

MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health—47

Lawrence Group—45

NK Architects—43

Zimmerman Architectural Studios Inc.—42

Hord Coplan Macht—41


(tie) HuntonBrady Architects—38
(tie) Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood—38


(tie) SmithGroupJJR—32
(tie) Westlake Reed Leskosky—32

H+L Architecture—31

Calvin L Hinz Architects—30

Heery International Inc.—28

Mahlum Architects—27

(tie) Astorino—26
(tie) Payette—26

Plunkett Raysich Architects LLP—24

Cuningham Group Architecture Inc.—23

Thomas, Miller & Partners PLLC—22

(tie) Sherlock, Smith & Adams—20
(tie) VOA
Associates Inc.—20
(tie) DLR Group—20

Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects PC (JJCA)—19

(tie) Ballinger—17
(tie) Vintage Archonics Inc.—17
(tie) Flad Architects—17

Harley Ellis Devereaux—16

(tie) FKP Architects Inc.—15
(tie) Moon Mayoras Architects Inc.—15

Tsoi/Kobus & Associates—13

(tie) Studio+—12
(tie) Cathryn Bang + Partners Architecture Planning Interiors—12
(tie) John Marinelli Architects and Planners—12

WDM Architects PA—10

Shepley Bulfinch—9

(tie) LS3P—7
(tie) RMKM Architecture PC—7

(tie) Blair + Mui Dowd Architects PC—6
(tie) Dalpos Architects—6

MSA Planning + Design—4

(tie) HAS Mimarlik Ltd.*—3
(tie) Uniteknix Corp.*—3

(tie) WHR Architects—2
(tie) ACP Group—2

(tie) Koffel Associates Inc.—1
(tie) CO Architects—1




TLC Engineering for Architecture—1,235



HKS Inc.—522

AKF Group LLC—493


Array Architects—401

(tie) AECOM—400
(tie) Henneman Engineering Inc.—400

Perkins Eastman—330

Syska Hennessy Group—289

URS Corp.—260

KJWW Engineering Consultants—256


HGA Architects and Engineers—220

Earl Swensson Associates (ESa)—191

(tie) HDR—190
(tie) Thomas, Miller & Partners PLLC—190


Francis Cauffman—164

Leo A Daly—157

(tie) ZGF Architects LLP—150
(tie) Page—150

Lawrence Group—145

Eppstein Uhen Architects Inc.—126


Gresham, Smith and Partners—113

HuntonBrady Architects—106

FKP Architects Inc.—100

Koffel Associates Inc.—97

Interface Engineering—95

GBBN Architects Inc.—94


Westlake Reed Leskosky—90

Schneider Halls Design Inc.—86

NK Architects—84


Plunkett Raysich Architects LLP—76


Sherlock, Smith & Adams—66


(tie) IKM Inc.—60
(tie) Linea 5 Inc.—60

(tie) VK Studio Architects, Planners & Designers CVBA*—57
(tie) Harley Ellis Devereaux—57

CDH Partners Inc.—56

(tie) Cathryn Bang + Partners Architecture Planning Interiors—55
(tie) Payette—55

Calvin L Hinz Architects —50

Davis Partnership Architects—48

Hord Coplan Macht—44

Anderson Mikos Architects Ltd.—42

(tie) Mekon Arch Consult Ltd.*—40
(tie) Heery International Inc.—40

RBB Architects Inc.—38

VOA Associates Inc.—36

(tie) WHR Architects—35
(tie) MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health—35

Cuningham Group Architecture Inc.—34

Shepley Bulfinch—33


Moon Mayoras Architects Inc.—30


Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood—26

(tie) Tsoi/Kobus & Associates—22
(tie) Exp US Services Inc.—22

Mahlum Architects—21


(tie) Ballinger—18
(tie) Uniteknix Corp.*—18


(tie) Zimmerman Architectural Studios Inc.—16
(tie) MSA Planning + Design—16


(tie) McMillan Pazdan Smith—10
(tie) Blair + Mui Dowd Architects PC—10
(tie) Strollo Architects Inc.—10
(tie) DLR Group—10
(tie) RMKM Architecture PC—10
(tie) H+L Architecture—10
(tie) John Marinelli Architects and Planners—10

(tie) Flad Architects—8
(tie) Dalpos Architects—8

(tie) Vintage Archonics Inc.—6
(tie) WDM Architects PA—6

CO Architects—5

Chianis + Anderson Architects PLLC—4

Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects PC (JJCA)—3

ACP Group—2




AKF Group LLC—716


TLC Engineering for Architecture—400


Gresham, Smith and Partners—312

Anderson Mikos Architects Ltd.—292


KJWW Engineering Consultants—255

Hord Coplan Macht—250


HKS Inc.—226

Perkins Eastman—200

Henneman Engineering Inc.—165

(tie) ZGF Architects LLP—150
(tie) BWBR—150
(tie) Exp US Services Inc.—150

Eppstein Uhen Architects Inc.—147

Array Architects—136

Leo A Daly—135

GBBN Architects Inc.—129

HGA Architects and Engineers—124


Davis Partnership Architects—116

Earl Swensson Associates (ESa)—110


MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health—105

CDH Partners Inc.—100

Interface Engineering—99



Thomas, Miller & Partners PLLC—90

(tie) SmithGroupJJR—85
(tie) Chianis + Anderson Architects PLLC—85

Schneider Halls Design Inc.—80


Linea 5 Inc.–71

IKM Inc.—70

Heery International Inc.—65

Francis Cauffman—61

Plunkett Raysich Architects LLP—59

RBB Architects Inc.—57

HuntonBrady Architects—56

Syska Hennessy Group—54


(tie) Westlake Reed Leskosky—45
(tie) Shepley Bulfinch—45
(tie) NK Architects—45

VK Studio Architects, Planners & Designers CVBA*—42


Zimmerman Architectural Studios Inc.—38

Strollo Architects Inc.—35


(tie) FKP Architects Inc.—30
(tie) Calvin L Hinz Architects—30

H+L Architecture—25

(tie) Erdman—24
(tie) Sherlock, Smith & Adams—24

Mekon Arch Consult Ltd.*—23


(tie) Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects PC (JJCA)—20
(tie) Moon Mayoras Architects Inc.—20
(tie) Mahlum Architects—20


(tie) Lawrence Group—17
(tie) VOA Associates Inc.—17

(tie) Tsoi/Kobus & Associates—16
(tie) Harley Ellis Devereaux—16



(tie) Blair + Mui Dowd Architects PC—13
(tie) Cuningham Group Architecture Inc.—13

Cathryn Bang + Partners Architecture Planning Interiors—12

(tie) Goodwyn, Mills & Cawood—11
(tie) WDM Architects PA—11

(tie) McMillan Pazdan Smith—10
(tie) Koffel Associates Inc.—10

(tie) DLR Group—8
(tie) John Marinelli Architects and Planners—8

(tie) WHR Architects—7
(tie) RMKM Architecture PC—7
(tie) MSA Planning + Design—7
(tie) Vintage Archonics Inc.—7

Flad Architects—6

Dalpos Architects—5

(tie) CO Architects—2
(tie) ACP Group—2
(tie) Uniteknix Corp.*—2

All figures used in the Healthcare Design Corporate Rankings Survey section were self-reported by 106 industry firms that submitted responses via Healthcare Design’s online survey form. They
have not been verified by the publisher, nor does the publisher guarantee accuracy. To see where firms ranked in 2013, go here.

Jennifer Kovacs Silvis is managing editor of Healthcare Design. She can be reached at