Amedeo Obici, an Italian immigrant and founder of Planters Peanuts™, named a hospital for his wife, Louise. The existing hospital faced a dilemma like many healthcare providers—existing buildings could not accommodate the changing needs for the delivery of modern healthcare. The solution—a new $84 million, 365,000- square-foot, 150-bed replacement hospital providing state-of-the-art services as well as an inviting look and feel.

Terrazzo sparkles in the three-story rotunda, and the park-like setting eases fears and apprehension. “People comment that the facility looks more like a hotel or shopping mall. It blends the existing hospital’s heritage with a Planetree-affiliated facility,” said Bill Giermak, CEO, Obici Health System.

The med/surg inpatient units have a soft color palette. Lighting consists of indirect cove lights that coordinate with floor patterns, as well as ceiling pendants and alternating wall sconces.

Cherry wood was used in handrails, doors, and nurse server units, producing an upscale feeling. Wooden arcs that link the entrances to patient rooms create an organized rhythm.

“We also promote the use of the facility for reasons other than patient care,” said Giermak. “For example, our auxiliary is hosting a variety of cultural events to be held in the facility’s attractive and welcoming atrium, garden, or outdoor terraces.”

Throughout Obici, attention to patient needs was first. In admitting, custom Italian-glass millwork partitions give maximum privacy while conforming with the new HIPAA regulations. The nondenominational chapel continues to illustrate the administration’s commitment to the community.

Project category: New construction (completed April 2002)

Chief administrator: William C. Giermak, CEO, (757) 934-4752

Firms: Mitchell Associates, Inc., (302) 594-9400; HKS, Inc., (214) 969-3097; CCRD Partners, (214) 521-1661

Design team: Louis B. Rosenberg, President; Patricia A. Damiri, Associate Principal; Courtney Page, Interior Designer (Mitchell Associates, Inc.); Dan Noble, AIA (HKS, Inc.); G. Jeff Wu, PE (CCRD Partners)

Photography: Barry Halkin, Barry Halkin Photography; Ed LaCasse, LaCasse Photography

Total building area (GSF): 365,000

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $230

Total cost (excluding land): $84,000,000