Healthcare Design’s monthly Online Focus feature compiles recent coverage on targeted topics to help readers quickly get up to speed on pressing issues or refresh themselves on latest trends. For June/July, we look at recent coverage of specialty hospitals.

From children’s hospitals to cancer centers to cardiac care facilities, healthcare organizations across the country continue to make investments in buildings that support the treatment of specific patient populations and/or conditions and diseases.

Efforts are often born from the desire to ease the patient journey and consolidate services under one roof, as opposed to approaches of old that required multiple stops across campuses or sites for blood draws, exams, pharmacy pick-ups, imaging, and so on.

Today’s take on specialty medicine also frequently goes a step further—bringing the care directly to the patient, offering the ability to deliver all necessary services during a visit without leaving a specific unit or floor.

For inpatient stays, designers dig deep into the specific needs of patients and visitors in each facility type, understanding challenges and answering those with thoughtful built environment solutions that make time there across days, weeks, and even months more manageable.

Click on the links below to explore recent projects and trend stories that illustrate how healthcare organizations and their design teams are approaching the specialty hospitals of today.