After launching two small businesses—including her own design firm—to survive the Great Recession, Bronson joined Hoefer Wysocki in 2014 and found her home in healthcare design. Here, she discusses using design to spark joy, the importance of addressing simple details, and why she typically ends up in the middle seat on plane rides.

What do you like best about working in healthcare design?

I love how design influences joy. The military healthcare projects I typically work on are close to my heart because my husband, father, and grandfather were in the armed services and I like contributing to the welfare and healing of our soldiers. My first thought on those projects is, “Will my ‘joy sensors’ make me want to step inside after this is built?”

Why do you think it’s important for healthcare spaces to spark joy?

For me, joy is an attitude that transcends circumstance, but studies show that our environment can influence joy. Lighting, noise levels, temperature, color palettes, and access to the outdoors are a few of the elements that can have a significant impact on a patient’s healing journey.

“Outside the office, you’ll likely find me …”

Hanging out with my hubby and kiddo, at church, having brunch with my friends, or at Walmart because I’m all about one-stop shopping.

Favorite …

City to visit Venice, Italy. For our honeymoon, my husband picked Las Vegas but I wanted to go to Venice. In the end, he took me to The Venetian resort in Vegas (pictured on a gondola ride). Next year will be our 15th anniversary and he still owes me Venice!

Quote “Excuses are monuments to nothingness. They build bridges to nowhere. Those who use these tools of incompetence are worthy of nothingness.” Spoken daily by my high school track coach, Derek A. Jordon.

Team Kansas City Chiefs. Win or lose, I’m all in!

Movie character Wilson in “Castaway.” I likened Wilson’s purpose to man’s innate desire for connection and companionship. I feel the same type of spiritual connection to architecture and love connecting with people both verbally and nonverbally through design.

Three unexpected items on your desk:

1. chronological row of pictures of my daughter since birth (I call it the “Great Wall of Daena.”)

2. dried roses my husband sent the day I started at Hoefer Wysocki

3. ninja rubber ducky toy

Name three healthcare design projects you’ve worked on in the last year:

1. Sheppard Air Force Base Medical/Dental Clinic, Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas

2. Saint Luke’s Health Clinic renovation and addition, Kansas City, Mo.

3. The University of Kansas Health System Proton Therapy Center, Kansas City, Kan.

Coffee or tea?

A French vanilla cappuccino.

Window or  aisle seat?

Middle seat. I’m always running late, so I’ve grown accustomed to sitting in the middle, waiting for the first brave soul to make eye contact with me.

How did you make your first dollar?

Chores, mostly washing the dishes. (Thanks, mom!)

Your go-to karaoke song?

“I Need Love” by LL Cool J. I’m a hopeless romantic and LL … yes!

Ice cream flavor?

Vanilla. Sometimes simple is better.

If I wasn’t an architect, I would be…

A wedding consultant. Brides should have one job on their wedding day and that’s to be happy.

Your hidden talent?

A genuine smile. Make the people around you feel like winners, and they’ll move heaven and earth to help you with deadlines.