A lot of boxes need to be ticked when we’re choosing locations for the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference year after year: the right-sized venue, easy travel options, hotel variety, temperate weather, potential for facility tours.

And when you look at Cleveland against that list, it’s a little surprising that we haven’t held the show there until now.

Cleveland Clinic—the No. 2 hospital system in the country per U.S. News & World Report—is probably the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s just the beginning. University Hospitals and The MetroHealth System are two other major healthcare systems in the city, and all three have interesting and innovative projects in the works. Cleveland’s Health-Tech Corridor (HTC), launched in 2010, is a 1,600-acre area catering to biomedical, healthcare, and technology companies, with a turbocharged infrastructure and access to entrepreneurial support services, venture capital funding, thought leadership from nearby academics and health systems, and more. The city’s next foray into the future of healthcare is the creation of the Cleveland Innovation District. Announced in January, the project brings together Northeast Ohio’s healthcare providers and education institutions for research, development, and job creation, and is backed by $565 million in funding, of which a significant portion will be put toward the creation of Cleveland Clinic’s new Global Center for Pathogen Research & Human Health.

The Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland is just the right size and layout for this show (with plenty of space for social distancing, as needed), and it sits comfortably downtown near the lakefront and within walking distance of all the (other) fun stuff. Yes, that includes the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

HCD Expo runs Oct. 23-26, which just happens to be—according to Cleveland’s biggest booster, Jennifer Kovacs Silvis—“peak leaf peeping” time. Jennifer is personally guaranteeing great weather for this year’s show in her hometown, so, you know … you really can’t lose.

Keep in mind that all of this is just the icing atop the cake that draws you to the HCD Expo & Conference in the first place: An incredible lineup of timely, information-packed educational sessions; an exhibit hall filled to the rafters with the products you need for your projects; and honest-to-goodness face time with your colleagues and friends.

Registration opens in June at HCDexpo.com. See you in CLE!