Healthcare interior design is a multifaceted field that requires professionals to balance the competing needs of all building users. From wayfinding to biophilia to safety and infection control, interiors must respond to the complexities of healthcare all while achieving a high design aesthetic. Below, find recent coverage of interior designs in a range of healthcare spaces that capture beautiful and effective solutions for those needs and more.

Mix + Match In Workplace Design
Designers are helping healthcare organizations rethink workplace settings by offering space options that support a range of staff types and work processes.

2019 Design Showcase Honorable Mention: Holistic Healing 
The Asplundh Cancer Pavilion demonstrates a thorough use of biophilic design that inspires numerous elements, inside and out.

Artistic Touch At Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center
Beyond programming decisions, the project team on the new Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center in Jacksonville, Fla., devoted a lot of time to creating an interior environment that’s calming and welcoming.

Drawing A Connection At Zaans Medical Center
The hospital wayfinding program highlights hand-drawn illustrations and regional icons to create a personalized path for building users.

Critical Decisions: OR Design
Selecting the right materials for operating rooms can impact safety, efficiency, and the bottom line.

PHOTO TOUR: The Phillips Family Cancer Center
The 13,800 square-foot, two-level building, which opened in May, is designed to maximize access to daylight and views to the outdoors to support a calming experience for patients and staff.

From The Ground Up
Hard surface flooring options for healthcare are evolving, answering design and performance demands.

PHOTO TOUR: Mill City Clinic 
The 16,000-square-foot clinic renovation was completed in January and focuses on art and light to creating a welcoming environment.

Artistic Effect: Integrating Art Into Healthcare Design
Recent installations capture the benefits of collaborations between art and architecture and the beauty they add to the healthcare environment.

Making Bold Moves In Healthcare Aesthetics
Client demand for visual branding and growing product options are inspiring a redefinition of healthcare aesthetics.

Simplifying Supergraphics In Healthcare Environments
To make the most of these wow factors, it’s important to understand the printing methods, materials, and costs that must be managed.

How To Specify Seating For Healthcare 
Designers are exploring new seating options and arrangements to answer the evolving needs of healthcare building users.