Every day, we’re all faced with more work to do than can realistically be done in eight hours. So, we prioritize, we delegate, we start a little earlier or stay a little later, and we move into the next day with both new challenges and leftover baggage. The era of the three-martini lunch seems to be far behind us.

In spite of such limitations, the key to forward motion isn’t just in execution: it’s equally about taking the time to be thoughtful in your approach. If you’re like me, this is one of the greatest challenges of your day. Attending meetings, answering calls, and writing and responding to emails are all a big part of moving a boulder up the mountain, but so are cultivating relationships, reading magazines and journals, and strategizing how to put that knowledge to work.

The management and marketing teams at The Center for Health Design recently reminded us internally of the value found in simply stopping to think. We spent a day and a half with a pair of business consultants to review The Center’s brand and talk about the mission of our organization. The Center exists as a nonprofit to serve our community, focusing on research, education, and advocacy. Over the last 25 years, we’ve created certification programs, peer-to-peer networks, and research collaboratives and partnered on the launch of conferences, magazines, and peer-reviewed journals.

Looking to our next decade of work, we’ve identified three areas where we’d like to focus our efforts: standardized post-occupancy evaluation tools, an annual survey to track the industry, and an updated broad-scoped literature review. As we begin our work on these initiatives, we’d like to hear from you: What value would these new tools have for you in your work? What new tools should we be looking to create that would be beneficial? What tools and resources have we created over the years that are your go-to resources—and what have we done that’s missed the mark?

We’re also interested in learning what topics you think we need to explore. Are there subjects you’re searching for information on but finding very little knowledge or data available? Or maybe you see new models of care coming toward you but feel unprepared to design environments to support them.

Please take a moment to help us develop the next generation of tools and resources that will support your work and the industry. You can email me at dlevin@healthdesign.org or take our survey at http://bit.ly/2RReWQ5. The Center is here to serve you, and we can do that best with your input.

Debra Levin is president and CEO of The Center for Health Design. She can be reached at dlevin@healthdesign.org.