Texas A&M School of Architecture (College Station, Texas), in collaboration with the College of Medicine and the School of Public Health, is presenting a weekly visiting lecture series for health consultants, nurses, physicians, allied health professionals, landscape architects, architects, engineers, interior designers, construction firms, healthcare administrators, and facilities and materials management staff.

The series, which runs on Fridays from January 21 through April 22, will highlight the theme “Celebrating a Global Agenda to Protect, Develop & Restore Human Health” and feature interdisciplinary speakers who will discuss their concepts and work on architecture for health projects all over the world.

Sponsors includes Ronald L. Skaggs, chairman emeritus at HKS (Dallas), Joseph G. Sprague, principal emeritus at HKS, Craig Beale, principal at Knox Advisors, George J. Mann, the Ronald L. Skaggs Endowed Professor of Health Facilities Design at Texas A&M University, College Station, is the lecture series coordinator.

Lecture times and dates as well as registration details can be found here.