Next-generation patient room design

The next generation of patient rooms is already being designed, with projects-in-progress today sharing a glimpse of whats in store for the future of inpatient care.

Solutions to the unique challenges that come with patient room design run the gamut, including sleek and modern aesthetics, warm and patient-centric spaces, efficient and functional floor plans, and plenty in between.

To read  Healthcare Design‘s 2014 patient room special report, see the following:

  • Patient Room Design: High Stakes: The patient room is home away from home and, increasingly, where all the action happens—providing countless reasons to makes sure the design is right. This in-depth look at the state of patient room design today is the first installment in Healthcare Design’s special report on the patient room.
  • Unit Design Is Secret To Successful Patient Room: The effectiveness of any patient room design requires an equally effective unit design that supports efficient, functional, and safe operations and care delivery. Designers weigh in on best practices for inpatient unit design in this installment of Healthcare Design’s special report on the patient room.
  • Calling For Backup In The Patient Room: Evidence-based design has shaped the modern patient room in a number of ways, but there are still plenty of places where designers would like to have more research available to support design decisions. Read how research might shape future designs in this installment of Healthcare Design‘s special report on the patient room.
  • What’s Next For Patient Room Design?NXT Health’s Patient Room 2020 prototype made waves through the healthcare design industry when launched last year. In this installment of Healthcare Design’s special report on the patient room, NXT Health executive director Salley Whitman talks about the model and how the concepts proposed continue to evolve and push patient room design forward.