Anyone who owns a home can’t help but feel for the people who end up on episodes of HGTV’s "Holmes on Homes." If you haven’t seen the series, it basically takes a superstar home inspector and matches him with homeowners who have fallen victim to shoddy inspections resulting in some serious damage to their real estate investments.

Luckily, that superstar inspector saves the day, not only determining the source of the problems but fixing what needs fixing (and then some).

Mike Holmes, the star and namesake for both "Holmes on Homes" and "Holmes Inspection," was named by the International Code Council Foundation as the 2012 Honorary Ambassador for the 32nd annual Building Safety Month.

The event being held throughout May is a public awareness campaign targeted to consumers as well as to businesses to increase awareness on what it takes to create and maintain safe and sustainable structures, while also reinforcing the need for the adoption of modern, model building codes and code enforcement.

While the general public may need reminding, hospitals and healthcare facilities across the nation know all too well the reach of building codes, operational standards, design guidelines, and so on. So overall, how do you think we are doing?

If given the chance to review your building, what would Mike Holmes have to say?

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