After spending some time in the new women’s and children’s addition at our local hospital to care for my 6-year-old’s broken arm this past summer, I related to a friend how my daughter’s favorite part was the building’s glass elevator. In fact, the elevator provided a good deal of entertainment during our initial overnight stay, following a minor operation, and subsequent after-care appointments.

Ironically, this same friend had also given birth in the new facility. Apparently, she was being transferred to a delivery room during the latter stages of labor—via that same glass elevator—and was not shy about expressing her opinion at the time.

“I refuse to give birth in a glass elevator! Get me out of here!” she had exclaimed to her husband and the orderly who were doing their best to suppress a smile. “Can someone please tell me what man decided to design a glass elevator in a maternity ward?!?”

Funny how that thought never occurred to me while my daughter was taking “joy rides” up and down the elevator, but gosh, my friend certainly has a good point!

Perhaps a female designer would have been more sensitive to the fact that even the most liberal of women have essentially no interest in birthing a child in such a public venue.

Has anyone ever experienced such healthcare facility design faux pas? Please share any humorous, or not so funny, observations in the comments below.