Many colleges across the nation offer semester-long lecture series, inviting notable names to be guest lecturers and talk about relevant topics in their fields. It’s a chance to glean knowledge and for students, undergraduate and graduate, to network and maybe gain inspiration.

Available to the public, this series presents professionals in the healthcare, design, and building disciplines. The lectures will be held every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.  in the Langford Building on the campus of Texas A&M University.
The title of the spring series is “Delivering Health Care to the Under & Uninsured: Innovative Solutions & Architectural Designs”. Guest lecturers will go into depth on a variety of topics that currently apply to sustainable healthcare design and the general healthcare field.
Marjorie Petty, director, Region 6, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, focused on some of the challenges that are currently affecting the healthcare system and some of the programs and federal healthcare proposals that may alleviate the problems or help those who have difficulty accessing healthcare. Other keynote speakers included Craig H. Blakely, PhD, MPh, Dean, Professor, Texas A&M Health Science Center, School of Rural Public Health, and Ward Wells, Professor, Department Head, CHSD Faculty Fellow, Department of Architecture, Texas A&M University. 
George J. Mann, AIA, Professor, CHSD Faculty Fellow, Department of Architecture, is the coordinator of the lecture series and holds the Skaggs – Sprague Endowed Chair of Health Facilities Design.  
Students attending the lectures can earn credit hours and extra lectures may be added during the semester. Information is available online on the Texas A&M University College of Architecture website with a full list of guest lecturers and topics.