Project category: Remodel/Renovation (completed December 2011)

Chief administrator: Tom Sondergeld, Director, Employee Health Strategy and Innovation, (847) 315-2500

Firm: Albert Kahn Associates, Inc., (313) 202-7000

Design team: Architecture, Engineering & Interior Design (Albert Kahn Associates, Inc.)

Photography: © Beth Singer Photographer

Total building area (sq. ft.): 34,663

Construction cost/sq. ft.: $161

Total construction cost (excluding land): $5,582,273

Committed to employee well-being, this wellness center is a high quality, well designed environment that exemplifies how Walgreens is leading its own population to a culture of health.

Located on Walgreens headquarters campus, the Healthy Living Center was created to demonstrate how to implement a model for a community medical home. This is a place where employees are healthier, experience less stress and are more productive because they are active, eating right and better informed about their personal health.

Upon entering the lobby, this tranquil and inviting space puts you at ease. Here, employees are invited to live well. The Fitness Center offers opportunities for exercise classes, cardio and strength training, and personal fitness consultants, as well as views to nature and massage rooms for relaxation and stress relief. The Healthy Living Café features fresh healthy foods for purchase, a demonstration kitchen, and outdoor seating options.

Convenient to the workplace and health center, the Pharmacy includes an interactive waiting room with health information and web access and a consult room for private discussion with a pharmacist. Adjacent to the Pharmacy, the Health Center is a warm, welcoming environment to provide efficient, high quality medical care for Walgreens employees. A Physical Therapy Suite is located within the Health Center with easy access to the fitness center for PT workouts and follow-up rehab.

Guided by a patient-centered philosophy, a serene healing environment where employees can receive care was created. The transformation of this space is helping bring the Walgreens mission to life.