Acibadem Ataşehir’s Children’s Pavilion, Istanbul

Acibadem Ataşehir’s Children’s Pavilion, a three-story inpatient and outpatient facility on the new Acibadem Ataşehir Hospital campus in Istabul, takes all the key design elements of the main hospital and gives them a playful twist.

“We’ve basically carried the same design language from the adult hospital into this space,” says Ju Hyun Lee, design director at Gensler (New York), the interior designer on the project, “but in a way that invites kids to enjoy the environment more.”

Here, the same earthy color scheme, wood accents, and gentle architectural curves are now the backdrop for a hot air balloon adventure theme inspired by Turkey’s Cappadocia region and carried throughout the 25,000-square-foot facility.

Positive distractions for pediatric facilities

The journey begins in the lobby, where families encounter smaller-scale balloons that were commissioned and constructed by Cappadocian experts.

The balloon theme extends into the four care zones, called “wonderlands,” and differentiated as outer space, a snow castle, a farm, and underwater realms.

Moving between the wonderlands, children encounter positive distractions in the silhouettes along the walls, character sculptures hiding in plain sight, and less-abstract variations on the Turkish lantern perforations of the main hospital.

“These innovative touches not only capture the essence of the region,” says Serdar Cakir, deputy general manager at Acibadem Project Management, “but they also transform the space into an attractive and engaging environment for young patients.”

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