Signage communicating mask-wearing requirements, floor and chair decals outlining social distancing practices, and visual updates about safety measures are becoming commonplace as healthcare facilities reopen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help building users feel confident in the safety of its facilities, North Memorial Health (Robbinsdale, Minn.) introduced its Safer Initiative campaign that uses a welcoming approach with a touch of humor and wit.

For example, to remind people to social distance, signs indicate “Social distance? No prob-llama” with a graphic of a llama that’s 6 feet long and standing between two masked individuals. Elevator signs encourage social distancing, with “dancing optional.”

“Through vibrant graphics and the light-hearted messaging that reflect our brand voice, we’ve created our own safety language to reassure team members and the public that their safety is being thought of in each interaction,” says Samantha Hanson, chief administrative officer at North Memorial Health.