We’re in the midst of an unprecedented time. And while the personal effects of the COVID-19 outbreak must be considered first, we at Healthcare Design also recognize the myriad ways this crisis is affecting the healthcare design industry.

You’re all now on the front lines of this pandemic, whether working within healthcare organizations; serving clients in architecture, engineering, construction, or consulting firms; or manufacturing products that will be necessary to move forward.

Within a short period of time, we’ve all been thrust into a reality that requires us to move quickly. We’re working to identify the limitations of existing buildings and respond with innovative conversions or temporary solutions. Underlying design elements built into spaces to support goals for future flexibility/adaptability and resiliency are now being put to the test. We’re revisiting best practices, all while rethinking the ordinary to better respond to an extraordinary situation.

And while we’re all working to accomplish what might feel like monumental tasks—supporting our nation’s medical staff in combating this pandemic and providing patients with spaces where they can be treated and recover—it may feel like it’s being done in isolation. Most of us are working remotely, away from not just colleagues but also from valuable in-person project team meetings and industry gatherings.

But you’re not alone, and Healthcare Design remains this industry’s connection point. Our team is working diligently to bring you the information and insight you require to navigate this new normal. At HCDmagazine.com, you’ll find a landing page that will be updated daily with coverage of the latest industry news tied to COVID-19. You’ll also find numerous articles from leaders in the field, sharing what they’re seeing and how they’re responding, as well as an archive of articles from over the years that provide details on topics including infection prevention/control and biocontainment.

Beyond the website, I also encourage you to visit our social media channels and connect with peers tackling the same issues you are right now. And, if able, reach out directly to our staff—we want to hear what you’re seeing and facing and the inspiring ways you’re already working together in this fight.

This industry has always been defined by its members’ willingness to share ideas and information, all with the goal of creating environments that support the best possible care delivery and patient outcomes. I know this time will be no exception, and Healthcare Design is here to serve you in this endeavor in any way we can.

Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Kovacs Silvis can be reached at jennifer.silvis@emeraldx.com