Approaches to behavioral health design have been evolving in recent years, guided by input from patients as well as staff and families on the supportive and protective measures desired to create healing environments for all. The rise in telehealth in response to the pandemic has also impacted behavioral health, further calling for new approaches in the built environment. Below, find recent coverage of behavioral health projects and planning and design strategies. For more, search for “behavioral health” on the website.

Protective Measure

The rising use of telemedicine for mental and behavioral health treatment calls for new approaches in the built environment

PHOTO TOUR: Blossom Court, St Ann’s Hospital

The $26 million mental health inpatient building integrates outdoor space into the care environment.

Designing For Medical And Behavioral Health Comorbidity

Evolving strategies need to consider the needs of multiple patient populations while enhancing safety and helping to destigmatize mental health.

FIRST LOOK: Montage Health Ohana Center

The 55,600-square-foot behavioral health facility for children and adolescents is inspired by principles of neuroscience and the specific needs of its patient population.

Creating A Place Of Sanctuary For Mental Health Patients

Input from former patients helped guide design decisions for the West Springs Hospital in Grand Junction, Colo.

FIRST LOOK: LAC+USC Restorative Care Village

The project, scheduled for completion in March 2021, takes a comprehensive approach to the interrelated and complex needs of homelessness, mental illness, housing, and medical comorbidity.

IIDA Healthcare Design Awards: Winning Transformation

The renovation of a historic German chateau into a modern private clinic for mental health services took tops honors in IIDA’s 2020 Healthcare Design Awards.

PHOTO TOUR: Behavioral Health Center Taube Pavilion

The 55,000-square-foot project at El Camino Health’s Mountain View, Calif., campus provides a safe and comfortable healing environment where patients are treated for mental health conditions.

Tailoring Mental Health Design To Young Adult Patients

Collaborating with youth on the planning of Stella’s Place in Toronto resulted in a space that will support young patients on their mental health journeys.

How COVID-19 Is Changing Behavioral Healthcare Facility Design

The industry has an opportunity to proactively address the many challenges brought to light by the pandemic through flexible designs and reimagined care spaces, both indoors and outdoors.