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2018 Breaking Through Competition

In its new conceptual design competition, Breaking Through, Healthcare Design challenged industry members to forget the usual rules and restrictions of healthcare design to answer the challenges they anticipate for the future of healthcare delivery. Forty-three teams submitted innovative design concepts. An elite jury of industry professionals selected two of those concepts to move on to the next stage of the competition.

Our two finalists presented their concepts in a general session during the 2018 Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in Phoenix. A team from HDR was voted the winner by attendees, taking home a $10,000 grand prize. Here, we present more details on the winning concept, as well as the other finalist concept presented on stage by a team from AECOM. Additionally, find links below to PDFs with details on all of the projects submitted to Breaking Through.


Team: HDR
Project: MASH: Mobile Acute Services Hospital
The advances in medical knowledge, technologies, procedures, and treatments together with the increasing focus on wellness and preemptive care will be moving towards making the urban or metropolitan healthcare facility almost redundant. The single constant regardless of any advance in technologies, will, however, be disasters and catastrophic events. Our focus will be on the development of a future healthcare facility capable of responding to these events.


Project: Hello Care: Personalized Healthcare, Same-day Delivery
What if you could order your autonomous personalized healing environment online and have it delivered wherever you want—to your home, the woods, or a wellness community? Your modular healthcare space could support diagnostic and interventional procedures, sub-acute or transitional care, and wellness support. Through telehealth and robotics, you could receive all but the most intensive care in a place that’s comfortable for you, where family, friends, and community are available for support.

Learn more about all of our conceptual design entries:
The Access Project (Submitted by HDR)
Axess (Submitted by Steffian Bradley Architects)
Clinic Kit (Submitted by HDR-Dallas)
Community Care Cubed (Submitted by Jackson | Main Architecture)
Continuum (Submitted by HDR)
Convergence (Submitted by Oklahoma State University)
Data Informed Perioperative Platform Vision (Submitted by St. Onge Company)
Emergency Aviation Unit of the Near Future (Submitted by Stantec Architecture)
The Fil-Nergy Solution (Submitted by Stantec Architecture)
FLUX (Submitted by ESa)
The Happy Hospital (Submitted by Leo A Daly)
HAV (Healthcare Autonomous Vehicle) (Submitted by CallisonRTKL)
Health in Place (Submitted by Gresham Smith)
IdeaLab-Design a Better Future (Submitted by SmithGroup)
iMPACTsolutions (Submitted by BatesForum)
Interdependent Health and Wellbeing City of the Future (Submitted by Schrimmer Design Group)
Kinetic Hospital (Submitted by CRGA Design)
Living Place (Submitted by Seven Attributes)
Mbale Neonatal Unit (Submitted by HKS Inc.)
MedModular (Submitted by EIR Healthcare)
Modular Healthcare, Micro to Macro (Submitted by Wilmot Sanz Architects)
The Navigator (Submitted by Stantec Architecture)
The New Healthcare Distribution Channel (Submitted by GBBN)
Pediatric Inpatient (Submitted by Spellman Brady & Company)
Personal Experiential Healthcare (Submitted by FFKR Architects)
Pro Re Nata (Submitted by Gresham Smith)
Re:Build (Submitted by Corgan)
Regenerative Health (Submitted by Gresham Smith)
Rethinking Rural Prenatal Care: EDUCATE, EQUIP, EMBRACE (Submitted by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting)
See Green 360 (Submitted by E4H Environments for Health Architecture)
Schools + Health (Submitted by HDR-San Francisco)
Smart Aid System + Stations (Submitted by Perkins Eastman)
The Ubulance, the ED, and Disaster Events (Submitted by The University of Kansas Institute for Health and Wellness Design)
The Visible + The Invisible (Submitted by Stantec Architecture)
The Vitruvian City (Submitted by HDR)
Wellspace (Submitted by Ballinger)

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